Welcome to the BEST Ark PS4 Servers!

Welcome to the best Ark Seasonal Servers where Ark: Survival Evolved was supposed to be enjoyed. Our exciting Ark Servers are boosted in the areas where you need it most and balanced to enjoy the game to the fullest! Our servers aren’t toxic like the rest. While we like to invite everyone to join us, we also equally viciously eat toxic players alive. That being said – let us explain a little on how our private Ark: Survival Evolved servers are better than the others available.

Unlike other Ark servers claiming to be the best. All HqK staff, and admins are adults! What does that mean? Well – it means the drama level is EXTREMELY LOW! So if you are the type who likes to build and wants to experience the game by yourself or with friends and family – The Best Ark PS4 Servers are right here.

BEST Ark PS4 Server Rules!

While we encourage you to enjoy the best PS4 Ark Servers, we are going to lay down a few laws of the land to help you prosper in Ark: Survival Evolved. These are just basic rules for our private ark servers – If you would like a more comprehensive set of rules, click on our support section of the website.

All of our servers are PVP (Player Vs. Player). However we wanted to make sure that you could sleep well at night and able to go to bed by knowing that we have established an "Offline Raid Protection" Policy. After you log off of our servers, there is a 2 hour window to raid a base if someone wanted to "Offline Raid" you. After those two hours, if they haven't cracked open your base, better luck next time! The Offline Raid Protection policy goes into affect and all of your dinos and structures will be safe.