Welcome To the big leagues Kid.

Who can Join HqK Gaming?

High Quality Killers is an online gaming community dedicated to gamers from all over the United States. We work together to teach teamwork and structure to all of our members.
All Gamers are free to join & participate on our website and social media platforms. We are completely member-driven and thrive on everyone contributing to the community. HqK has a place for everyone.


HqK Gaming Live in Action on Twitch


Strength isn’t all about power. Strength is all about experiences. Cold, painful, raw experiences that builds character, and face odds that would otherwise scare off the weakest of people.

HqK Gaming Strength


Loyalty is very important. Loyalty means to be faithful in one’s oath, engagements or obligations. HqK Members are faithful to their allegiance and love for our video game community and obligations.

HqK Gaming Loyalty


HqK Gaming recognizes our strong, and loyal members. They have the highest honor. Earning Honor is not quick here at HqK Gaming, you Must prove yourself to be strong, and loyal.

HqK Gaming Honor