HqK Gaming History

A written testament of High Quality Killers

HqK Gaming Founded it’s roots in December of 2002. The Original Founder “Infected” started our journey on the Playstation 2 when the network adapters first came out for the console. The First Ever HqK Member was Cable7154, since SOCOM Us Navy Seals ended, and the rise of Final Fantasy XI came out, we started a Guild on that game. Progression was very slow in the early years, and only when the Call Of Duty Series came out with “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is when we exploded into a full fledge clan. since then we’ve exploded in every game that we played. In 2002, which was over Sixteen years ago, HqK Was envisioned as a gaming community that everyone felt like a family and enjoyed being a part of.

Years later in 2017, HqK Gaming has over 800 Website members, and we keep growing. Thanks to good people that has joined our clan we have been the major part of people’s lives for years. A great community, and great friends. Of course we have seen people come and go. Some have even tried to rock our very foundation. Years later, we stand Tall, and Proud. We Stand HqK Forever. It’s HqK Gaming For Life.

Requirements To Join

A few things you should know


  • Must be active on HqKGaming.Com Website
  • Must actively promote our website and team on the game you play
  • Ability to create events, and get the team to do functions
  • Must undergo a Recruitment period set by each Division Leader


  • Must be active on the MMO you’re playing
  • Whenever possible tell people to come to HqK Gaming
  • Willing to help new members (As long as new members aren’t excessively needy)
  • Must be willing to ensure the survival of our divisions.


  • Overall K/D (Kill/Death Ratio) of at least 1.0 in FPS shooter that you play.
  • Be at least 16 years old, exceptions are made to allow younger players in.
  • Must be respectful to other gamers (Unless provoked).
  • No Cheating, Hacking, Glitching, Boosting, or excessive Modding.
  • Must own and use a Microphone, and use it responsibly to call out targets.
  • Actively advertise our clan to prospective good members.

As long as you fit these requirements you’ll most likely be accepted into HqK Gaming.

If you used to be in HqK Gaming in the past, and want to rejoin, you can as long as you abide by all division, and clan wide rules and haven’t been permanently banned by any clan leader, or any platform general.
Check often for HqK Gaming Events in your division event calendar.